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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dewey's Bakery + Blue Ridge Ice Cream = Sweet Love

I murdered this...  
Yes, it's true. I devoured this plate of Dewey's Bakery cake paired with pink lemonade cake Blue Ridge Ice Cream, complete with chunks of Dewey's pink lemonade cake, frosting and all. Notice that the ice cream isn't melted? That's because the two business are now housed under one roof at Dewey's Thruway Center location on Stratford Road! I'm especially excited about the pairing because now we can fulfill the sweet tooths ("sweet teeth" just doesn't sound right folks) of both my cupcake lovin' son and my gluten-free girl at one time.

My obsession with the pink lemonade cake goes way back. For my 30th birthday (which we will pretend was very recently), Dewey's pink lemonade cake was bedecked with pink flamingo picks in keeping with our 80's Miami Vice theme. Too young to know what Miami Vice is? Just hush.

In my opinion, this is a great marriage of two beloved Winston-Salem brands. My all-time favorite Blue Ridge flavor is the Dewey's Moravian Spice cookie swirl, whose title is now being threatened by this new pink lemonade cake ice cream.

Want to read more and see more pics from their wedding announcement event on Friday? Click on over to, where you'll find many Winston-Salem posts (mostly by me). Told you I've been busy. Be sure to "Like" the Facebook page to keep abreast of Winston-Salem awesomeness.

P.S.: Another confession... I've already been back for seconds since Friday. It's that good.

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