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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Rosette Cake

I made this cake for my step-sis' baby shower. I wanted something more classy than cutesy that still spoke "baby girl". Since I am a novice decorator, simplicity was also very important in the design, so I went with the rosette cake I found originally on It really is easy and if you mess up a rose, just scrape it off and try again! I love that the rosette size can be randomly large and small for a more organic "bouquet" effect, so I didn't have to worry about keeping them all uniformly the same size or all in rows. Here's the tutorial.

Inside, mine is instead an ombre pink lemonade cake which was also inspired by the same website, different cake. 

This would also be a great frosting technique for a baby gender reveal party, keeping the outside white or some other gender-neutral color, with the surprise cake inside tinted pink or blue. See my earlier post on the baby gender reveal party here.

One of my biggest pet peeves is a gorgeous cake for a momentous occasion that is dry and tasteless, so here is one of my best cake tips. 

Tip: Bake the cake ahead and glaze the layers with lemon simple syrup (in this case, since it's a pink lemonade cake) and freeze to hold the moisture in. Freezing it also makes it easier to frost, helping prevent crumbs. I also frosted it with a crumb coat first to further prevent a crumby frosting. 

I used my favorite buttercream recipe for this cake, but I recommend using the Crisco-based frosting she uses on the site for this particular cake in the summer months. My roses started sliding off the cake, as the butter couldn't hold up to the heat. (But they tasted great!)

Finally, I used Betty Crocker's color mist spray to spray paint the rosette cake pink, since it was a baby shower for a little girl. The cake was a huge hit -- and moist to boot!

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