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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Grits to celebrate World Poetry Day

Happy World Poetry Day! In celebration, my 8-year-old and I will write haikus this afternoon and read a little Shel Silverstein. In the meantime, enjoy one of my favorite Southern poems about food!

"Song To Grits"
by Roy Blount, Jr.

When my
 mind's unsettled,
When I don't feel spruce,
When my nerves get frazzled,
When my flesh gets loose-
What knits
Me back together's grits.
Grits with gravy,
Grits with cheese,
Grits with bacon,
Grits with peas.
Grits with a minimum
Of two over-medium eggs mixd in
Grits, grits, it's
Grits I sing-
Grits fits
In with anything.
rich and poor, black and white,
Lutheran and Campbellite,
Jews and Southern Jesuits,
All acknowledge buttered grits.
Give me two hands, give me my wits,
Give me forty pounds of grits.
Grits at taps, grits at reveille,
I am into grits real heavily.
True grits,
More grits,
Fish, grits, and collards.
Life is good where grits are swallered.

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