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Monday, January 2, 2012

Resolutions: Letting Go of the Stuff, Embracing the Salient

Me with my awesome Grandpa Eugene

I'm not usually one to make resolutions. In fact, you could say I usually resolutely make no resolutions. They seem like lofty goals that set people up for failure and then the guilt and disappointment in those who failed to hold their resolve sets in. But that seems so pessimistic, and I'm not a pessimist. It's nice to embrace fresh ambition and hope. So this year, I thought I'd give a couple of resolutions a try with the understanding that I'm gonna give it a good try, but not beat myself up if I don't live up to the resolutions for 12 whole months. Doing something positive is positive even if it's temporary, right?

So, this year, I hope to:

1. Pray more

2. Visit my Grandpa more

3. The obligatory "Exercise More" 

4. Purge the clutter

5. and thus, get more organized

6. Buy more locally 

7. Write more

8. Paint more

I think that's an ambitious enough list. After all, if I tackled everything in which I'm insufficient, I'd have no resolutions to make next year!

Happy New Year and may all of our resolutions be successful!

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