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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Carolina Pad Giveaway

When you think "Buy Local", farmers markets and locally owned shops and restaurants come to mind. But "Buy Local" isn't as easy when it comes to staples like school and office supplies (pun intended). But here in North Carolina, we are lucky to have Carolina Pad, based in Charlotte. It's a great company with an environmental conscience that makes very cute, affordable calendars, notebooks, bags (as spotted on Glee) and desk accessories. 
They are also a generous bunch, offering a planner giveaway today while supplies last. Just "Like" their Facebook page and comment on the giveaway.
Sasquatch Personal Book
Sasquatch notebook
Their products are easy to find at Target, Walmart, and Carolina PadI also found some of their notebooks at Harris Teeter. Be sure to check out their Sasquatch line with 100% recycled content and when you get bored, look for the sasquatch on the covers, "Where's Waldo-style".


  1. These are made in China and Vietnam so not sure what you mean by environmentally friendly since the pollution in those countries are at historic high levels and causing historic rises in cancer in woman, children and others...

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    I wrote that the company has an "environmental conscience", referring to their Sasquatch line, which contain 100% recycled content, rather than relying on virgin forestry. Thanks for helping me make that clearer.

  3. I'd like to enter the giveaway! Thanks!

  4. Hi Erika! To enter, click the word "giveaway" (link) in the post above and "Like" their Facebook page. Good luck!