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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Big Birthdays & a Viva! List

This is a big year for me. The Big Four-Oh! I want to do something to celebrate it beyond the cake and festivities, not to knock cake. If you know me, you know I heart cake.

You may remember our Summer List, which was helpful in making sure we packed our summer free time chockfull with frolicking memory making. So I've been thinking about a "bucket list," you know, the list of things you'd like to do before you die, although that seems like such a morbid title, so I'm going to call it my "Viva! List."

Decade birthdays (after 20) are hard. They cause us to take stock of our lives and sometimes we are not satisfied with what we've accomplished with our time. Before I make a huge list of things to accomplish, I thought I'd take stock of what I've already done. So far, and to my surprise, this has been immensely helpful. My life looks pretty good on paper and it is, for which I am grateful. 

I'm planning to add some travel, a little adventure and a lot of helping others to my list to mark this year in a positive way and give my life more meaning and purpose. Any suggestions?

What's on your bucket list? And may I persuade you to call it a Viva! List?


  1. I think the Hammock Time is my favorite!

  2. Rachel, Mine too! The kids' favorite was catching lightning bugs (we rarely ever let them stay up until dark in the summer) and the lemonade stand. Ahh... summer memories! Thanks for commenting!