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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November is National Adoption Month

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Carolina Adoption  Services
Please welcome guest blogger and dear friend Becca, as she helps us recognize National Adoption Month. The post may be a bit late, but the message applies no matter the season. 

Becca is a happily married mother of three who lives near Chapel Hill these days. (I miss her!) She holds a degree from Wake Forest University and has been working for Carolina Adoption Services for nearly 10 years. She has done relief work in Guatemala, Romania and the Republic of Georgia. Her efforts in adoption advocacy awarded her with a recent Congressional Award from the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute.

This is the big month of Thanksgiving… but did you know that it’s also the month we set aside to celebrate adoption? We celebrate the adoption of children, but it’s also very important to raise awareness and tolerance surrounding the circumstances that lead to children needing homes. 
I’m incredibly thankful for adoption… We adopted our youngest son from Ethiopia. Adoption is a bittersweet thing. Often adoption is necessary for a child because of great loss in his or her young life, or a hard decision has to be made by a birthmother.  A lot of grief surrounds this journey, but so does grace. It is a beautiful miracle to watch as a child is placed into a family forever. 
I always encourage people to consider adoption as a way to expand their family and share their love. Triad Moms on Main has a link here (written by yours truly) that explains the process of international adoption. Foster care and domestic adoption are also wonderful ways to care for a child who needs parents, and the website is a great resource to learn more. 
There are many other ways to support adoption, as well. If you know a family who is adopting a child, consider helping them financially as the legal costs can be high. Adoptive families could also use a home-cooked meal when their child comes home. Most importantly, pray for and celebrate adoptive families, as this unique way of building a family can be a rollercoaster of emotions. Thank you! 

~ Becca Albertson

Also, see my earlier post here on SouthernAsBiscuits -- "Building a Family: One Family's Daring Adventure in Loving Children," about a local family, the Smith's, and their experience with international adoption and fostering children.


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