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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Local Pimento Cheese: Red Clay Gourmet

I am very excited about my latest yummy local food find! You all may recall how much I love good pimento cheese (click for previous post). At the City Beverage Farmers' Market, I stumbled upon Red Clay Gourmet pimento cheeses. Available in four flavor varieties, it was hard to choose, but my personal favorite was the white cheddar, smoked goat cheese and sun dried tomato pimento cheese. The banana peppers add just the right amount of kick. Great on crackers, with baby carrots or on a sandwich with bacon and tomato! Grab a tub as a hostess gift for your next party.

Available at First Street Draught House and City Beverage Farmers' Market on Saturdays from noon - 4pm -- be sure to pick up some yummy organic produce from Nathan of Shore Farm Organics too!


  1. um.... this sounds like pretty much the best.thing.ever. i too am an avid pimento cheese lover and also adore goat cheese, so yeah, this looks amazing... :) love the blog, found you through triadmomsonmain - I'll be back! :)

  2. Thanks Heather McG! My mom specifically asked that I bring this flavor to her holiday party. It's a win-win. No cookin', but good eatin'. And thanks for telling me where you found the blog. I always wonder how people stumble upon it. Come back any time!