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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Winston-Salem Rocks! Public art exhibit benefits Arts for Arts Sake

Janet Eldridge White & Millicent Greason
posing with their "Winston-Salem Rocks!"
rocking chair on Trade St.

Have you noticed the fabulous rocking chairs dotting our downtown sidewalks? It is a project sponsored by Wells Fargo, entitled "Winston-Salem Rocks!," for which local artists painted and/or decorated the rocking chairs. The artists include: Millicent Greason and Janet Eldridge White, Peter Spivak, Patrick Harris, Ginnie Conaway, Kendall Doub, Betsy Hamilton, Kim Pegram and Tim Moore. These amazing rockers will be displayed throughout downtown Winston-Salem mid-October through mid-November, afterwhich time they will be auctioned off, with the proceeds benefiting Art for Arts Sake. 

Artist Patrick Harris with his rocking chair, entitled,
"Camel City Rocker" (like the Clash song). 

"New Day" rocking chair by Kendall Doub on
the corner of Fourth & Cherry Streets.

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