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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tea Party Tonight (no, not that kind. There's real tea involved!)

Camino Bakery

The other day when I was at Camino Bakery enjoying a warm cup of Krankie's Coffee and a slice of pumpkin cheesecake on the sidewalk patio while my kids drew on the sidewalk with chalk, I met "the egg man". Cary, the owner of Camino introduced us. He is one of a few local farmers who source their eggs and vegetables for their delicious baked goods and he had stopped in for a drink and baked goodies. This is what "farm-to-table" means, folks. Not only do they serve delicious foods, but eateries like Camino Bakery, Breakfast of Course, Rana Loca, Screaming Rooster, Meridian, and Willow's Bistro, to name a few, all buy produce, meat, eggs and cheese from local farmers (like Nathan Pitts of Shore Farm Organics) at the Farmers Markets and thereby support our local economy. Forget the chain restaurants and do your body and your neighbors a favor and buy local by eating local. 
Chad's Chai
Tonight, Chad Morris, local tea blender and owner of Chad's Chai & Tea Co., will be releasing his new Earl Gray blend named, "Jamie's Grey." Chad is a passionate man who has chosen Camino Bakery (on Fourth Street between Kernel Kustard and Mellow Mushroom) to host his tea release party. There will be a tea tasting with Chad, prize drawings, gift tea sets for sale, games and more. Come celebrate the vibrant beverage culture at Camino.

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