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Friday, October 14, 2011

Salem Ink: Tattoo Archive

Tattoo Archive, Winston-Salem

In honor of today's post on Tattoo Archive, this week's local Etsy on the left is tattoo-inspired. Thank you for supporting local artists!

Tattoo Archive on Fourth Street isn't your average tattoo shop. Chuck Eldridge, a seasoned sailor with the U.S. Navy, worked with tattoo artist legends D.E. Hardy, Paul Jefferies and Jerry Swallow, Dean Dennis and later Henry Goldfield. Eldridge began collecting tattoo history and established the Tattoo Archive at Berkley, California. Eldridge has written for  many U.S. and overseas publications, including National Tattoo Association, Tattoo Master Magazine, and Tattoo Artist Magazine. In 2007 he moved the Tattoo Archives to Winston-Salem.

I spotted my little guy in repose (on the door mat!)
[sigh...] checking out P.T. Barnum's tatts.

Make an appointment for a consultation to get your tattoo from Chuck or Daniel at Tattoo Archives, but even if you are just a tattoo fan, it's worth the visit to the museum-like shop where the walls are bedecked with flash and photos of beautifully tattooed people from the past. Tattoo Archive offers many books on the art of tattooing for sale, as well as tattoo-art cards and jewelry. To perform research at Tattoo Archives, submit a request in writing.


  1. Coolest tattoo place ever. I'm super happy with the bird that Chuck drew for me.

  2. Daniel that works there has given me several of my favorite pieces plus he's a sweetheart. The place is awesome. Just reading this is making me want a new piece!

  3. This makes me want to get one from them too!