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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Old Frame Makeover: Easy Peesey Lemon Squeezy



I was feelin' all projecty and crafty the other day, but I have this thing where I don't like to buy more stuff, so I try to use what I have, which means I save everything, and I also have no patience. I like to see the final product within 24 hours. Thus, I can never be a fine artist. Keeping these things in mind, I brought out a pair of old decorative picture frames I had been holding on to (I save everything). The frames are brass, made in Italy, with concave glass and a floral print inside. I had some paint left over from painting rooms at my last house, 10 years ago (I save everything). And the mesh screen from a broken sweater drying rack (I save everything), but mesh from a pop up hamper or even lace curtain would do. 

Materials Used for Earring Holder:
  • Old decorative picture frame
  • Used plastic party table cloth/newspapers/etc.
  • Spray paint &/or interior paint
  • Mesh (from sweater drying rack/pop up hamper/etc)
  • scissors
For the earring holder, I covered the ground with plastic (I like to save those party table cloths from the kids' birthdays), took the picture apart, painted the frame "last-house-office-turquoise," sprayed the backing black, (note: spray paint dries much faster than interior paint), and sprayed the mesh "last-house-livingroom-Laura-Ashley-Cowslip-yellow". Once dry, I used the backing to trace out the shape I needed the mesh to be, cut, and put it all back together. 

Materials for the Silhouette

  • Old decorative picture frame
  • Spray paint/interior paint
  • black construction paper
  • flash light
  • one adorable kid
  • chalk
  • scissors
  • glue stick
Same process as above: Cover ground, take picture apart, paint with your choice of paints on hand, let dry. On this one, I flipped over the floral print that was in the original frame and painted it yellow for the background of my silhouette. 

[Deja vu from elementary school:] I had my girl stand in front of a wall where I had taped a piece of white paper. A third person is needed to either hold the flash light or trace the shadow. Here is where I cheated. I took a photo of the silhouette tracing, uploaded it to my computer, opened it in my photo software. Once I had it the right size on the screen, I literally (gently) traced it from the screen onto some white paper. I cut that out, placed it on top of a black sheet of construction paper, traced it with chalk, cut that out, and used glue stick to secure it onto my yellow background.

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