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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Local Celebrity Cameron Kent Booksigning Today!

Local celebrity and Emmy award-winning WXII anchor, Cameron Kent will be reading from and signing copies of his book, The Road to Devotion at Barnhill's Books, Wine & More today at 11:00 a.m. I remember when he ventured to Hollywood to start a screenwriting career. He had some success, with film credits to movies shown on NBC, HBO, Lifetime and the American Film Institute, and then returned to Winston-Salem. He has authored two books previously, When Ravens Die, a thriller, and a children's book, Make Me Disappear. I've worked with him several times in the past in recording public service announcements and at events in my position as Director of Communications for the local and state chapter of a national charity. I can tell you that he is not pretentious at all. He is a very genuine, all-around nice guy and family man. Here's an excerpt from his latest book, The Road to Devotion, a historical fiction set in North Carolina before the Civil War: 

When Sarah Talton’s father suddenly passes away in the summer of 1860, she is left with a teenaged sister to care for, and the family farm and slaves to oversee. Determined to keep their land out of the hands of opportunists, she embraces her father’s iron will and hardhearted demeanor. But when she falls in love with a French merchant who speaks no English, and is given charge of a runaway slave who brings them both together, Sarah begins to question the values and beliefs instilled by her father and upheld by her Winston, North Carolina community. When the Civil War looms, and community leaders clamor for blood and obedience, Sarah finds herself traveling a road that will lead either to her ruin or to her freedom.
Barnhill's Books, Wine & More
811 Burke St.
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

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