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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Treats for the (Never)Homemaker

Just getting the kids into costume in time for a party is a major feat in my house and doesn't leave a lot of time for baking party food. These are easy-to-make spooky treats using fresh goodies from Dewey's Bakery. The kids will have fun helping and your treats will be the hit of the party.

In the near future, Dewey's Bakery will be offering fun how-to classes demonstrating how easy it is to dress up Dewey's treats for a great family-time experience and/or for entertaining. Dewey's Executive Pastry Chef, Alison Turner came up with these creative ideas to make their delicious goodies even more "spooktacular"! Keep an eye out for more of these classes. They'd be great fun to do with kids or without them for a girls' night out!

Finger: Frost tip of eclair and add an almond fingernail.  (I wish I had put red frosting at the end of the eclair for a more "severed" finger look.) 

Mummy: Zigzag white frosting (or better yet, whipped cream cheese right out of the tub) up an eclair. Use desired frosting for eyes, or add two dots of frosting for eyes and top with mini M&M's. Tip: Dewey's has full-size chocolate-iced eclairs, but for the fingers and mummies, call ahead to order unfrosted mini-eclairs. 

Bat Cupcakes: Break a Dewey's chocolate dipped chocolate wafer cookie in half. Tuck corner of cookies into the center of a frosted cupcake. Place a Whopper or other chocolate in center for the bat body. Add frosting triangles for bat ears, and add two dots of frosting for eyes and top with mini M&M's. Note: You must use the chocolate dipped for the bat wings. The non-dipped ones get soft in about an hour-and-a-half and might fall off the cupcake.

The candy corn cupcake is pretty self-explanatory:  Layer frosting in colors orange, yellow and white and top with a candy corn.

Spider Brownie: Spoon frosting or whipped cream cheese into a zip lock baggy. Snip off a tiny corner and pipe on a spider web. I like to make a square in the middle as a center for an "X", then rows of inward curving lines in each angle of the "X" to make a web. Add a Whopper or Junior Mint spider. Don't forget to pipe on his eight little legs!

Bloodshot Eyes: These guys were very easy and are so much fun. using the Dewey's cherry popover, pipe a large dollop of blue, green or brown for the irises. Then tuck in a Hershey's milk chocolate drop for the pupil. Spoon red frosting in a sandwich bag and snip off a tiny corner. Zigzag the red all over from the iris out to resemble "bloodshot". Note: These popovers are huge and could easily be shared by. Keep that in mind when ordering these. 

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