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Monday, October 31, 2011

DIY Frankenstein Costume

My girl decided the week before Halloween that she wanted to be Frankenstein. 

Materials Needed:

Gallon Milk Carton (opaque is best)
green craft paint
black craft paint (or black felt)
green face paint
black face paint
aluminum foil
one cork


Rinse out a gallon milk carton, preferably the opaque kind. It takes less paint. Cut the spout off the carton along with the handle to make a "helmet" shape. Here is a link to a good visual. Paint the bottom of the carton (top of the helmet) black for hair, or glue on black felt "hair" with jagged edges for bangs.  Paint the "forehead" portion green. 

You can glue on the milk spouts with lids on each side and paint gray for the neck bolts, or in my case, I cut a wine cork in half, covered it in aluminum foil, then used a long strip of foil to wrap the covered cork around a green ribbon to form a neck bolt "choker" that I tied on.

Paint the child's face with green face paint, add "stitches" in black face paint. I used Elmer's face paint, found at Michael's for under $5, which is wet in paint pots rather than the crayon sticks.

I dressed her in a green shirt and one of her little brother's suit jackets. The shorter sleeves gave it a Herman Munster effect. If I did it again, I would include work gloves and paint the fabric portions of the gloves green because it was a cold evening and her hands were freezing.

Happy Halloween!

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