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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Frenchie Party

Bonjour Mes Amies! It's time for the big fat birthday party post as promised. It's my girl's birthday today! We celebrated this weekend with a French-themed birthday slumber party with a few of her best buds. Believe me, her original invitation list was long... too long. I had her narrow it down to four.

For an invitation, I didn't want to spend lots of money on printed invitations, since we only needed four, so I snagged a royalty-free image of the Eiffel tower with balloons and using the photo software website Piknik, I added the words of the invitation to the image and emailed it out. 
Pre-party, I made bouffant flower pom poms in three shades of pink. One for the front door, attached like a wreath, two to hang by fishing line in the dining room, a.k.a. "fete centre".

She originally requested an Eiffel Tower shaped cake -- not flat on or out of a sheet cake, mind you, but a tall upright version. Anything that requires supports and dowel rods (and gray frosting -- ick!) is beyond my skill level. I talked her into cupcakes. The colors were pink and black, of course, so I made white cupcakes filled with strawberry preserves and topped with strawberry buttercream frosting and chocolate sprinkles. For the cupcake toppers, or "picks", I made moustaches by piping melted chocolate chips onto toothpicks on wax paper using the "grass" cake frosting tip. These were tucked into the fridge to set up while I frosted the cupcakes.

My girl wore a French-inspired black and white striped sweater and beret, while I wore a graphic tee with a chandelier on it (that's French, right?).

"La Vie En Rose" truffles from Haute Chocolate
on Paris plates from Target dollar bins.

Chocolate fondue graced the table with strawberries, bananas, pineapple, marshmallows and pretzels for dipping. The leftover fruit was saved for breakfast. She decided to skip the cheese fondue (they are only eight) and opted for pizza, to my dismay. I thought about making a brie pizza, but then I remembered, they are only eight, so cheese pizza it was. 

I placed three baguettes upright into a container  (a wide-mouth vase or terracotta pot will do) as part of the table decorations (to be transformed into French toast in the morning), along with her little brother's contribution -- a Lego Eiffel Tower. This also kept him busy and out from underfoot while baking and decorating.

For entertainment, during the party, we played the soundtrack to Amelie. After eating, the girls watched a Madeline movie and then cranked up the Taylor Swift CD she received as a present.

I bought a poster of the Eiffel Tower on for $4.99  (this included shipping) to use as a backdrop for photos and gathered berets from friends for the girls to wear for their photo op. These photos are to be included in the thank you notes.

I am always shocked at the excessive goody bags kids bring home these days. Whose birthday is it anyway? I would be perfectly happy if my kids didn't get one at a party, but since it is now expected, I try to come up with cute but inexpensive parting gifts. Therefore, I bought a fleur de lis cookie cutter (I already have a poodle one, but could not find it anywhere. I'm imagining it's in the box of Playdough tools). These were also inexpensive and  found on I bought the sugar cookie dough, rolled them out, cut them out and baked them and then piped, flooded (Tip: In a pinch, I use Betty Crocker Cookie Icing in white - cream cheese flavor. Pipe the borders of all the cookies first, then squirt the rest into a small bowl, add a few drops of food coloring & water, stir & then flood the cookies with this mixture.) and once they set up for a few minutes, flocked them with decorating sugar (Tip: I stock up on the multi-colored sugar containers AFTER Halloween, Christmas & Easter, so the pink sugar came from the Easter container). I tucked one of these large cookies into each goody bag.

On clearance at a drugstore, I found a set of 4 little pink celebrity knock-off perfumes. These I bagged separately (so the cookies wouldn't taste like Paris Hilton's Heiress fragrance) and tied them to the cookie bag. Voila! Party Parfum pour les princesses!

The party was a huge success! Bonne Anniversaire, ma petite fille!

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