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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Coffee Cat at Krankies

Meet "Coffee Cat", as we like to call him, or "Coffee House Cat,"
 not to be confused with "Cathouse Coffee,"  although
I'm sure  that business would go over like gangbusters. His
actual name is Grey, which is kind of dull for such a cool cat,
so I re-dubbed him. He makes his home at Krankies Coffee.
Smart cat.

Not only is Krankies home of Coffee Cat, but it's also the home of great live music, like the rap &rhyme stylings of my friend Shanthony, a.k.a. Miss Eaves (click for free mp3 download of her Pretty in Pink) this Saturday night, September 3rd at 8 p.m.

and the main location for Phuzz Fest:

                                                       Where you can hear Miss Eaves beatbox some more and then get your face melted by my friends Eddie Garcia & Alanna Meltzer of Jews & Catholics and tons of other great local musicians. 

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