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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

URGENT FOOD SHORTAGE! Empty Shelves at Second Harvest Food Bank of NWNC

<p>Submitted photo</p><p>The shelves at the Second Harvest Food Bank in Winston-Salem are now empty. Officials worry that without the help of the community, those being served by the agency will go hungry.</p>
"The need is great. The time is now. Thank you for caring."

As of yesterday (Tuesday) morning, the shelves at Second Harvest Food Bank of NWNC are literally empty. This is a compelling visual and thankfully, the community is responding. However, requests for food assistance is up and a full warehouse will be empty in 1-2 weeks if not replenished.
Food donation drop-off locations include: Goodwill Retail Stores, BB&T Bank Branches, Lowes Foods Stores, and the Winston-Salem Open on August 20th.
Consider donating individually and dropping off at one of the above locations, or organize a food drive at your school/church/office. Our neighborhood is responding. One kind neighbor sent out an alert on our neighborhood listserve that she is willing to come pick up food donations left on neighbors' porches this Sunday if those neighbors participating will email her with her address (to save her from creepily driving slowly all over the 'hood checking out porches). How will you respond to this urgent need? Any other great ideas?

Old Salem Museum & Gardens Food Drive: This Saturday, August 20th, receive $1 off admission for every can of food donated - with no limit! (Visitors may use cans to reduce their ticket price down to $0!)

Winston Salem Open - Bring 5 food items to donate to the Second Harvest Food Bank of NWNC this Saturday, August 20th and get free admission to the opening round! Gates open at 8:00 am.

Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest NC
3655 Reed St
Winston-Salem, NC 27107
(336) 784-5770


  1. The food banks in Savannah are having the same issue as well. Very troubling.

    Great idea to post this with donation areas!

  2. So scary! Luckily, the public is rallying. Lots of food drives and events accepting food donations for discounted tickets. I hope Savannah does the same. Love Savannah!