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Monday, August 22, 2011

Neighborhoods in Action for the Second Harvest Food Bank of NWNC

Our neighborhood donations and a proud Nico,
who had a lemonade stand to buy his food donation.

You may have seen my post last week about the bare shelves at the Second Harvest Food Bank of NWNC. Many in our community have rallied, with churches and work places hosting food drives; with museums like Old Salem and events like the Winston-Salem Open discounting entry fees if attendees bring canned goods. I am very proud of my neighborhood for springing into action as well, with the simple idea of my good friend and frequent good Samaritan Susan Morris (earlier feature on her by Winston-Salem Monthly Magazine here), and her use of our neighborhood list serve, or electronic mailing list.

Often used to report neighborhood crimes, find a lost pet, or get a recommendation for a good plumber, Susan called the West End neighborhood of Winston-Salem to action by sending a message alerting neighbors to the food shortage and asking them to place a bagged food donation on their porch yesterday between 1:00 and 3:00 p.m. and to let her know with a private email response with their address. 

One neighborhood child hosted a lemonade stand to raise money to buy food for the neighborhood drive, and was able to buy two large boxes of food to donate. What a great opportunity to teach your child compassion and generosity and take action! Little Nico is pictured with the carts of food.

Susan received a great response and so another friend and neighbor Daniel Yohannes, his son and I helped her pick up the over 50 bags of donations (with her handy by-street spreadsheet list in hand) and take the food to Lowes Foods, one of several donation locations (since it was a Sunday, it was the nearest open location), where we promptly filled their bins beyond recommended capacity! (With more delivered to her house later and the donations are still coming from neighbors who were out of town.)

I am very proud of her and our neighborhood for their generosity and compassion. Thanks to Susan for making it so easy for us to make a difference! The entire drive was planned via email and with two cars collecting, only two hours to pick up and deliver. Simple and satisfying. I think we'll do it again soon. 

Food donation drop-off locations include: Goodwill Retail Stores, BB&T Bank Branches, Lowes Foods Stores, and the Winston-Salem Open on August 20th.

Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest NC

3655 Reed St
Winston-Salem, NC 27107
(336) 784-5770

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