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Friday, August 5, 2011

I'm NOT old, I'm vintage

Sometimes I feel a little outdated, like when I had to explain the lyrics, "Shake it like a Polaroid picture" to my kids. Passe', like a rotary dial phone; obsolete, like a typewriter; bygone, like a cassette tape. But then I remember how freakin' cool those things are; how rare; how they've increased in value with age and grown in charm. 

Mix Tape Greeting Card

Just think of how that junior high boyfriend sat by the radio for hours with his tape recorder waiting for the perfect songs just for you. You can only find that kind of sentimentality in Train songs today. That's why j'adore the "I want to make you a mix tape." hand-calligraphied card in the collection. 

This local Etsy treasury on the left is oozing with rare archaic allure. Thanks for shopping locally!

The blog will be a little quieter this weekend. If you need me, I'll be "In a van... down by the river!"


  1. OMG!! Matt Foley!!! In van....down my the river! Classic.I laugh every time I see that skit!
    Thanks a million for choosing my vintage typewriter to showcase on your etsy mini! I appreciate the added exposure. I love your idea of shipping local. You've got the right idea!!

  2. Oooo mix tapes...I still have a few...of course I have NO cassette players anymore :( I had to recently explain to my son just a few days ago...there was a time when we didn't have a remote control...or a button on said remote that showed us the TV Guide- we had to wait for it in the mail. I'm vintage...I'm lovin it.
    Have a great weekend.