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Monday, August 8, 2011

Down by the Riverside- Kibler Valley, Virginia

This weekend we were able to cross off a few things from our "Summer List" (click for earlier post and to see the full list). We went to Kibler Valley, in the mountains of Ararat, Virginia. (Please, do not pronounce that like the little elves who make cookies. It rhymes with "nibbler".) We got in some tubing, marshmallow and hot dog roasting, creek stomping (okay, river stomping), and even some "funyaking" -- that's like kayaking, but in an inflatable canoe -- maybe it should be called "funoeing".
Pinnacles Hydro-Electric Plant
The dam at Kibler Valley

The Dan River runs through Kibler Valley, where the Pinnacles Hydroelectric Station releases water so the water level rises and the kayakers weave their way up to the drop-in points. Every year, during the last weekend in July, the local Ruritans host the "Kibler Valley River Run", a 3-mile, Class I, II (III) timed race with awards, open to canoes, kayaks and duckies draws canoers and kayakers from all over Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee. The water release schedule is usually printed in the local news paper, The Enterprise, but you can also call the hydroelectric plant to find out the release times.

Unfortunately, we missed the Kibler Valley River Run this year while attending Floydfest. Still, it's just as nice to enjoy the gorgeous, wild valley when it's quieter. Here's a little of my Kibler Valley, VA album. 

This moth offered a great opportunity to explain
the word "camouflage" to the kids, although I just ran when they brought me the millipede
and asked me to catch the blue-tailed skink.
I pick my teaching opportunities, just as I "pick my battles",
at least when they involve squirmies. 
Although I have no problem with crawdads.

You can stop by Barnard's store for Ham Biscuits, Tenderloin Biscuits,
Banana Bread, Dried Apple Pies, Brownies, Sandwiches or hot dogs.

In case you wanted to have a little church by the riverside.

"No camping this side of River!"
Although I don't know how they got the sign up that high,
much less, how anyone would want to camp on that hilly side.

It's such a lovely spot by the river that Melvin & Louise have.

The kids were amazed by the Jiffy Pop popcorn.


  1. I SOOOOOOO Wish we could have been there! I had planned for that trip all summer. I was even close to buying 5 inner tubes so even more people could go down the river at the same time. I hope ya'll had fun!

  2. SE- You were GREATLY missed! We did have fun. I took Tammy down the river and then Susan down the river, so my arms got a real workout!

  3. Beautiful pictures especially the ones made by the community sign. That is our farm and we think Kibler Valley is one of the most beautiful places in the world.