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Friday, July 1, 2011

Looking Forward to a Heavy Rebel Weekend(er)!

HRW 2011

It's that time of year! I always look forward to the Heavy Rebel Weekender here in Winston-Salem. The car show bike show, art shows,bands, and most of all, the people watching - pompadours, cuffed jeans, twirl skirts and kitten sweaters! 

I must add a disclaimer though, I would not say the event is entirely family friendly. My kids love the car show and like to choose their top three to have their photo taken with, but we skip the mud wrestling and the burlesque (which takes tickets and is inside the Millenium Center). We treat it more as a street festival because that's what works for us! We always run into friends. Who's going this year? Now, the important question (besides will I see you there).... What am I going to wear?!


  1. Girl look at you! HAWT!! ;) You are still running aren't you? Come live here so you can run with me and Suzie Q!

    HAve fun at the festival. We like things like that, too!

  2. Dear Anonymous Rebel commenter: In no way did I intend to discourage the purchase of tickets to the event. Instead, I was offering those with small children, like me, a way to enjoy the event, instead of skipping it all-together. In fact, I promoted the event on fb, here on my blog, & on Twitter. My college friend saw my promos & brought several from his motorcycle club in Charlotte (who did buy tickets). So always play nice because you may be biting one of the hands that feed you.

  3. Hi, I am Mike Martin, co-founder and promoter of the HRW. I want you to know that none of us at HRW Productions posted anything negative on your blog. I am glad you come out, bring the family and have fun! That is the intent of the car show, or one of the intents! We want W-S locals to have fun, see the cars and people, meet new people and to get out and enjoy the day. Many locals, now, do partake in the event itself inside which is very nice to see. We tell folks "we allow all ages (with guardian), but it is your responsibility to monitor your child!". We mean it! There are many suitable bands for families, and then some that are not so much. Like any large music festival. So, thank you SOOOO much for coming, taking pictures, posting them and talking about the event. It is nice to see locals out and about. I hope you will come out next year as well! Be sure to check out the inside vendors as well, since they are open to the public from noon - 4pm on Saturday each year!

  4. Hi Mike. Thanks for the comment, for clearing that up and for the good information. I'm still a fan. You guys do a great job putting such a huge event on and I hope you get sponsorship and grow even more in the future.
    Be sure to check out my NYC friend's post & pics of the event too: and my Charlotte friends':!__main-page/gallery/vstc2=heavy-rebel-and-plaza-midwood-party

    All the Best,