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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lego Birthday Party!

My little guy is obsessed with Legos. In fact, I have permanent Lego impressions on the bottoms of my feet, as my rugs seem to be made of them these days. So, this year's party theme was easy to decide. Here are some photos and the where/hows for our party.

Guests were given these Lego coloring pages to bide time while others arrived.
Download them for free at & other sites.

The beginnings of the Lego ice cream sandwich cake!
Lego is the perfect shape to try out an ice cream sandwich cake. My son was born on the 4th of July -- My little "Firecracker", so plates & favors were red, white & blue, but at the last minute, he requested that his Lego cake be orange, his favorite color. Instead of buying the more intense Wilton frosting dyes, I just bought orange frosting straight up from my local grocery store bakery. For the filling, I whipped some of the orange frosting with a large container of Cool Whip and added a cup of orange juice for a "Dreamsicle" flavor.


The nodules on top are simply cupcakes trimmed down.

A Lego man firefighter makes sure the candle flame stays under control.

Juice boxes wrapped with construction paper.
Attatch the circle "nodes" with glue dots for a 3-D effect.

"Lego" color garland from Etsy seller & artist Kat Jackson
Click her name to go to my earlier post about
her with a link to her Etsy store.

Lego Firefighter wants some cake!

We also had a Lego pinata made of a paper box with yogurt containers attached as the nodules of the Lego, painted all over with red acrylic paint. As an extra treat, I put candy and treats in each "nodule", so that as they were knocked off before the entire box caved, the kids still got treats. 

"Candy Blox" Lego candies found on
for $8.90 for 1 lb., or $13 for 2 lbs.

The kids were particularly excited about these Lego candies, a.k.a., "Candy Blox" which taste similar to Sweet Tarts candies and interlock!

Party favors: Lego block & Lego mini-man soaps
from MelsFunSuds on Etsy.
Bagged them to be sure the kids did not
confuse these with the Candy Blox.
(tell her I sent you!)


  1. I love a LEGO party! My favorite detail is the fireman holding the candle...we'll find an excuse to try that someday soon!

  2. Very cool
    I think I would be tempted to eat the soaps-they do look like lollies :0)
    I have just linked to other Lego party ideas on my blog but missed your post.
    If you have time do you mind linking to your post using the "Add your link" button on the bottom of the post here:
    I'd love to share your ideas with other Lego parents.

  3. Thanks, Inger! Great resource for lego parties. I added my link. Next up, is a "Paris, France" slumber party for my girl!