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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Colorful Carolina Coast Etsy

Large vodka bottle luminary candle - underwater scene
Once a bottle, now functional art as a sea turtle
candle luminary made in NC.
What's not to love?

Last weekend I visited my little sister who lives at our lovely Carolina Coast. That colorful trip full of rainbow beach umbrellas and freshly painted hot pink toes in the sand inspired this week's vibrant Carolina Etsy collection to your left. Thank you for supporting local artists! 

Sis has volunteered in the past to dig trenches at Carolina Beach and keep watch over endangered sea turtle nests overnight to help them reach the sea. Here's a friendly reminder to turn off your outdoor lights if you're oceanfront so the itty bitty baby sea turtles will head to the moon to reach the water instead of your condo!


  1. I never thought of it...but I will always have my light off.... thanks Kristi

  2. Love the beaches of North Carolina and sea turtles! Thank you so much for including our starfish bottle!!!