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Friday, July 8, 2011

Cheerwine + Krispy Kreme= Southern Treat

Don'eat my Donut

For the month of July you can find double North Carolina goodness at participating Krispy Kreme Doughnut shops and grocery stores in the form of Cheerwine cream-filled doughnuts topped with chocolate icing and sprinkles. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts began right here in Winston-Salem, while Cheerwine calls Salisbury, NC home. I tried these last year during their debut and found the cream a little too sweet, the Cheerwine flavor a little too strong, with an effervescence a bit too "spiky". They seem to have toned that down a bit for round two.

them at select Krispy Kreme doughnut shops throughout the Carolinas, Tennessee and Roanoke, VA and at participating grocery stores in the Carolinas, the Virginias, Tennessee, Georgia and Kentucky. Get 'em while you can. They're only available for a limited time.

My curated "Cheerwine" local Etsy collection is up on the left and is celebrating Cheerwine doughnuts in red and white. Thanks for buying (and eating) local!


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  1. My husband and I picked up a box of these at the grocery store just the other day! Unfortunately we found them to taste a bit too Nyquil-y haha! I think plain old Krispy Kreme's and Cheerwine in liquid form is a better combo for us. ;) Thanks for including my decoder card in your Etsy mini!