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Monday, June 6, 2011

Who's Your Daddy? Local Etsy is Up!

You might notice that there are some mighty macho items on the left. Father's Day 2011 is June 19th this year, and I thought I'd get some local Etsy up to help you with gift ideas. 

These are not only great for dads, but for the menfolk in general. The cute conversation bubble can be personalized with a short name or even "YOU". I have a clever friend who bought one of these after seeing it earlier here on the blog. She moves it around the house and when her sweetie finds it, he can redeem it for a kiss! 

I LOVE DAD word bubble hair clip, ready to ship
100% of the profits for this item goes to care for orphans.
To learn more:
I'll share a couple of posts on the subject of Father's Day this week as well. 'Cause my Pops Rocks! 

Thank you for supporting local artisans and sharing the love with your Dad/fella.


  1. Awesome! Thank you for featuring my silly bottle cozy!

  2. so thankful you are featuring my hair clip!!!

  3. You are both most welcome! Thanks for making adorable stuff and living nearby!