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Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Pop Rocks! Happy Father's Day Questionnaire

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful dads out there. My Pop rocks! (pun intended). He taught me to swim, to roller skate and listened to my multitude of nightmares and my endless prattle, because, believe it or not, I'm a little chatty. Love you Pops!

I plan to bake him a fresh batch of his favorite white chocolate macadamia nut cookies today. The gift will have to wait until my sister is in town, at which point I will probably have to make another fresh batch of 
white chocolate macadamia nut cookies, which is no problem as long as I get to help him eat them.

As for my kids, I borrowed this list of questions from my friend Angela. Go visit her creative blog chronicling the tales of her son Ringo's rats:
Ringo's Rat Tales.

Happy Father's Day!

  "What is your absolute most favorite thing about your daddy?"

E (7): How he's really funny, very funny, actually.

S (5): I'm gonna tell you two things about him. Daddy really likes to play tanks and he gets excited and he's so funny he really makes me laugh sometimes and I laugh so loud.

Me:  "What's the funniest thing daddy does?"

E: The funniest thing that Daddy does, is... he slurberts us and tickles us and tells us jokes.

S: The funniest thing that Daddy does to me, is he slurberts me so loud and it makes the phone ring and people call and he has to say sorry. That's the funniest thing.

Me:  "What do you like most about the way daddy looks?"

E: I like his eyes and his beard and his hair, because he has style.

S: I like his hair because it looks cool and it smells good and I like his beard because it's just, I don't know, I just like it.

Me:  "What does daddy know a lot about?"

E: He knows a lot about his job and his property.

S: Daddy knows a lot about pizza and his friends.

Me:  "What kind of special thing would you like to do with daddy some day?"

E: I would love to go to the Children's Museum with him and a Mexican restaurant like Chili Rojo or Chili Verde.

S: I like playing tanks with Dad and I would like to go to the beach and play with him and go to the pool and play Marco Polo. 

Me:  "What does daddy do at work?"

E: I think he makes phones and he makes the internet and I think he does something with buildings... maybe.

S: He draws and he works and works and works and he draws and he makes videos on the computer. He does do videos on the computer, I know he does.

Me:  "What do you think daddy thinks about most of the time?"

E: I think he thinks about getting new carpets or getting, like, um another Wi-fi and getting an office place inside our house.

S: He thinks about us. That's it I think.

Me:  "If someone gave daddy one magic wish, and he could do anything he wanted, what would he do?"

E: I think that he would think that his wish would be that he could fly!

S: I think his wish would be playing everyday, playing Legos. I'm gonna get some Legos right now and go keep Dad company.

Me:  "What is your favorite memory of daddy?"

E: My favorite memory of Daddy is us going to the pool and us practicing the Happy Birthday song on the piano.

S: My favorite memory about Daddy is playing tanks with him.

Me:  "If you had a $1,000,000.00 and you had to spend it all on daddy, what would you buy for him?"

E: I would get him a super duper rocket pack with force lifter and guns on the back so he could shoot the bad guys if they were following him, with a parachute on the back. And a robot.

S: I would buy for him a robot and the Donkey Kong game and I would get him rocket power, ballistics gel and a crash dummy named Buster.

Today is Father's Day. It's a good day to tell daddy that you love him and that you're thankful for him.  What do you want to say?"

E: I would say that you are so funny that I want to give you a jack-in-the-box with a singing Zuzu in it. And that I love him so much that I could faint. Thanks for being my special Daddy.

S: I would say, I love you so much, I would give you a whole thousand of Legos. Thanks for loving me and helping me make a Lego car.


  1. Wow! Great answers! My favorite was:

    "E: I would get him a super duper rocket pack with force lifter and guns on the back so he could shoot the bad guys if they were following him, with a parachute on the back. And a robot."

    I'm glad you got to "interview" the kids. It's so much fun to write out what they come up with...

  2. Love your family. I was pleasantly surprised to see Slate and Neil at the pool over the weekend. They were at a birthday party. From Mary Wu

  3. Thanks Mary! Ella was at the pool too, right? :)

    Now scroll on down & enter the Etsy Hearts & Craft giveaway! Good luck!