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Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Little High Strung: Baby Shower Garland

I am in love with the garland/bunting trend right now. Here is the one I made for my sis's baby shower. I was lucky to have access to a die-cutter, but you could easily trace a shape, make a template and hand-cut them -- just takes a little more time. I used coordinating scrapbook paper that was printed both front and back, so that I could hang anywhere and not worry about side is the front and cut out butterflies, hearts, frogs, flowers and lambs and one set of the baby's initials to place in the center.

I don't sew (for lack of talent and sewing machine, not desire), so I decided to use ribbon. I laid out the pattern, measured the ribbon, counted the cut-outs and decided how far to space them. In this case 6" apart. I then strung  the shapes on, knotting it after each one. 

This should be durable enough be used as decoration in baby girl's room and used again at another shower, her first few birthday parties! 

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