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Thursday, June 23, 2011

5th Annual Smitty's Notes "Best of Winston-Salem" Survey

Best of Winston-Salem 2010

If you feel so inclined (but only if you mean it) I'd be ever so grateful if you'd vote for Southern as Biscuits as your favorite Winston-Salem blog. That way, I could put this awesome little "Best of" image on the blog and wear it proudly! If you don't want to answer all the questions, #8 is for your blog choice! Thanks y'all!

Winston Salem, NC Events & Entertainment

The 5th Annual Smitty's Notes "Best of Winston-Salem" Contest

It's back! Your turn to vote for your Winston-Salem favorites in the 5th Annual Smitty's Notes "Best of Winston-Salem" contest has arrived. You did such a fabulous job in 2010 that we want to take your temperature, if you will, for 2011.
Smitty's Notes has decided to join the ranks in taking a stab at naming some of the "bests" in our fair city. As a Winston-Salem - centric e-newsletter with more than 11,000 subscribers, we're asking YOU to tell us your favorite places to eat, play and hang out. The poll's results may lead you to check out some new things you haven't tried, thanks to the recommendations from fellow Smittyheads.
So, here's the deal: Just click on the link below (cut and paste in your browser, if necessary). Take your time. Fill out the survey. Comments supporting your choices are encouraged. The contest will run until midnight June 30, 2011. Results will be announced after July 7, 2011 in the Smitty's Notes e-newsletter and on which will also feature a special section on all the good things you recommended.
Submissions may be anonymous; however, if you wish to share your contact information, Smitty's Notes will randomly select one person to receive a $50 Visa gift card. I've learned that you folks always need a little incentive!
I look forward to reading and sharing your choices. Thanks for your interest and support!
"Best of Winston-Salem" Contest Link - Click Here

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