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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Get Your Own Happy Ending at a/perture

One of a few doors bearing film quotes at a/perture Cinema.

And that's just what I did. No, not that kind of happy ending. The somewhat happy ending of Jane Eyre. I've been dying to see Jane Eyre, but missed it in the mainstream theaters. When I couldn't find anyone to watch it with, I threw on a skirt and a spritz of my favorite floral perfume and walked the mile to a/perture Cinema on 4th Street to get my Bronte fix.

Neither the film, nor a/perture Cinema disappointed.  Before finding my seat in one of the two theaters, I had to face the dilemma of choosing which refreshments to accompany me -- a glass of wine or a cup of Texas peanut butter Wolfie's frozen custard. DOM DOM DOM. (Well, that was an attempt at dramatic sound effects in text. It doesn't sound very daunting, but it really was a tough decision.)  What kind of theater serves wine and custard?! you ask? (and cake balls to go with your beer? And healthy treats and goodies from local bakeries?) 


a/perture Cinema is an independent, locally owned movie theater that shows a healthy mix of indie, foreign, local and documentary films as well as hosting film festivals. I love that they use vintage clips at the beginning reminding you to go to the lobby for refreshments (a 1950's clip), and to remind you to look for the nearest exit (that one must be from the '90's, because it also asks you to turn down your beeper). 

The movie? Oh, it is a beautiful portrayal of the novel. The innocent heroine's suffering at the hands of Dickensian oppressors at Lowood School enrage us and Jane's honesty and smoldering passion ignite our hearts. Great cinematography captures the Gothic images of the barren heaths and dim, candle-lit corridors of the Rochester mansion. Overall, I admire Bronte's sense of feminism in her works.  Jane seeks freedom. Freedom to think without fear and the freedom to act without constraint.

This is a wonderful "Jane Eyre". If you can't get to a/perture today or tomorrow at 5:30pm to see it, then rent it, Netflix it, or whatever. Call the girls over to watch it with you, as it's definitely not a guy movie. As much as I love Charlotte Bronte, Jane is the only one she did any favors for. Meaning, the ladies leave the theater longing for that kind of passion in their lives and most men come up short by comparison.  

You might recognize this "Jane", 
Mia Wasikowska, from her role as Alice in Tim Burton's rendition of "Alice in Wonderland", and also her role as the daughter in "The Kids are Alright". 

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