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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Coupon for SouthernAsBiscuits Blog Readers!

Gold initial charm necklace
I love the simplicity and personal touch of this Olive Yew
initial necklace. It makes a great gift!

Don't you just adore the cloud and raindrop earrings in this week's Stormy Etsy collection on the left? Olive Yew Jewels are hand-crafted gold and gemstone jewelry pieces from Charlotte, NC. Angela has generously created a coupon for my Southern As Biscuits blog readers! Get 30% off her already reasonably priced jewelry by using coupon code: BUISCUIT30. Just hurry, because it's for this week only! Feel free to share this link on Facebook (hit the "f" icon at the bottom of the post, or just copy and paste the link).

Once again, thanks for reading SouthernAsBiscuits! Y'all keep comin' back!

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