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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Great Eggspectations: Dye Naturally

Dearest Blog Readers,

I am happy to announce that I am now also writing/blogging for Forsyth Family and Forsyth Woman Magazines! Please click on over to read my first post about natural egg dyes-
Great Eggspectations: Dye Naturally. Please feel free to comment on the post and any of these Southern As Biscuits posts! I love comments!

If you try it, be sure to email me your pics and I'll post a few here on the Southern As Biscuits blog!



  1. Very interesting! I had no idea you could dye eggs this way!

  2. I know. New uses for my leftover coffee and that bright green spinach "juice". Be sure to send me photos of your eggs if you try it and I'll post a few here on the blog!

  3. Thanks Katherine! Love your blog!

  4. Katherine,

    Thanks for mentioning our eggs. Dani Strader is the poultry specialist on our farm.

    She grows her layers on free range (they are NEVER caged), and she particularly likes producing the naturally colorful eggs. She is now sourcing a breed of chicken that lays purple eggs. I can't wait to see those!

    The naturally colored green, pink and chocolate eggs dye up beautifully with the complimentary natural dyes you have given recipes for. Best of all, you can enjoy delicious deviled eggs from them.

    Wahington Perk and Provision have been great friends of the farm. Stop and visit with them when you can.

    Thanks for your blog.


    Miles West
    Meadows Family Farms

  5. Thanks Miles, (It's Kristi, btw). I love your eggs and bacon and buy them often from Washington Perk. I also featured your eggs in a post about Washington Perk that is now also on their website. I am VERY excited about the purple eggs. Please let me know when they're available! Thanks for all the good wholesome work you do!


  6. Sorry for getting your name wrong, Kristi.

    I have really enjoyed looking through your blog and history.

    We so appreciate your's and other's purchases of our food at Washington Perk. Folks like you keep us doing what we love best -- farming. Sometimes compliments from someone about how they enjoy the food we produce mean more than money.

    If you will see Jayne or John on your next visit to Washington Perk, the farm will have a gift for you.

    Many Blessings,

    Miles West
    Meadows Family Farms

  7. YAYAYAY!! I am so proud of you, my friend. I hope things are going beautifully for you this week!

  8. Wow! Thanks Miles! I'll try to head over tomorrow (plus, I need more eggs! And bacon!) That is very nice of you. Thanks again.

  9. Thanks Donna! You're my inspiration. (Okay, now Chicago is playing in my head... you bring feeling to my life/You're the inspiration!)