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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Watching an Artist at Work: David Kessler

Last week I attended a painting demonstration by local artist David Kessler at the Community Arts Cafe. You may remember him from an earlier post (HERE). David M. Kessler is an award-winning contemporary artist who began working in watercolor and has transitioned to primarily acrylic media. I love the bold colors and graphics of his work, as well as the lively movement and almost script-like touches.

Sonorous Tones - Acrylic
In awe, I witnessed him create this beauty.
Image credit-David Kessler
As inspiring as it was to watch Kessler work so quickly, full of vigor and purpose as he painted, afterwards, I was a bit disheartened at the idea that he created this thing of beauty in so little time (about an hour), which lead me to consider the many wasted hours of my life. But then I reminded myself that he has studied his craft for years, has untold hours of experience (he has been painting since 1991), and years of practice, which makes it look much easier than it actually is, not to mention the loads of talent and his unique, creative mind he brings to the canvas when he steps up to it. But oh, it makes me want to try.... 

He offered several pointers and guidelines. Some of my favorites include:

"Knowing how to begin [a painting] and when to stop are the two biggest issues."
"Stay loose when you paint. Stay loose." 
and the refreshing answer to a question:
"Inspiration? Don't get me started on inspiration. Inspiration is a myth. You get up to the canvas and you just work."
That last one gives me hope and also urges me to get off my tush, stop waiting for the inspiration to hit, and just do the work. 

To view more photos from the live painting session, click
HEREYou may view David Kessler's abstracts locally at Community Arts Cafe. In the meantime, be sure to check out David Kessler's great blog and his recent review of the Wolf Kahn exhibit in Charlotte.

Kessler at work
David Kessler
Community Arts Cafe

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