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Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Clean with Green Clean

I'd like to introduce you to my friend and woman/mom-preneur/eco-cleaner extraordinaire, (and her hubby has an awesome band Jews & Catholics) - Alex of Green Clean, a Winston-Salem-based Eco-Friendly cleaning business which she started six years ago as a side business and has grown ever since.
Finding folks were skeptical at first, Alex said, "In the beginning it seemed that not everybody believed that green products could be as effective as commercial cleaning products, but after the initial resistance it finally caught on. Customers could tell right away the difference it made in the health of their homes. People with asthma and allergies had an easier time breathing, and those with chemical sensitivities found that after switching to green products their symptoms ceased.  All were amazed at the way our products worked. They actually cleaned, without leaving sticky residues or film. And the best part was that somebody else was doing the cleaning! We believe in making our simple choices count toward the betterment of our families, our communities, and of our one big home, Earth. That’s why when you choose Green Clean you are putting your money to work for a cause you believe in."
Green Clean uses only non-toxic, biodegradable products, making sure they are free from harsh chemicals and petroleum derivatives, only purchasing and using products that disclose ALL their ingredients. "Seventh Generation® is one of our favorite brands, but we also make some simple solutions of our own from kitchen ingredients like baking soda, orange oil and vinegar. Essential oils like lavender, and sage are added for their natural anti-bacterial and disinfectant qualities, and also for their rejuvenating and refreshing scent," she explained.
Don't do windows? Green Clean does! I coaxed some great window-cleaning tips from her. (Now if I can just coax myself to do it.)

Green Clean’s Tip for Spring Window Cleaning

Materials needed: 2 cups Vinegar, 1oz dishsoap, essential oil (pick your favorite scent: we like sage, sweet orange, and lavender), 1 bucket, 1 sponge with one scrubber side (buy the ones labeled “no-scratch”), 1 squeegee, several microfiber cloths, rubber gloves (optional), an old towel.
SuperDirtyWindow Solution
Fill a mop bucket about half full with warm water. Add about 2 cups of vinegar and a good squirt or two of dish-soap. Add about 10-20 drops of your favorite essential oil. Swirl around with gloved hand or wooden spoon.  (You don’t have to wear rubber gloves for this project. Vinegar isn’t harmful to your skin and is even used as an astringent or hair tonic, but it sure can dry out your hands if you play in it for too long!) 
Steps To Shiny Shiny Windows
  1. Make a bucket of SuperDirtyWindow Solution.
  2. Don gloves (if using). 
  3. Lay old towel on windowsill to catch drips.
  4. Dip sponge into solution and wring out.
  5. If the window is large, divide in half horizontally and scrub top half with scrubber side of sponge. Dip and repeat as needed until any bits of hardened debris have loosened and been scrubbed away.
  6. Hold the squeegee at an angle and swipe from top to bottom as your work your way across the window from left to right. Repeat steps 5 and 6 on the lower half of window.
  7. Use the microfiber cloths to wipe away any drips that did not come off with the squeegee.
  8. Step back and admire.

Contact info:
(336) 775-6517

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