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Friday, March 4, 2011

Sexy Librarian: New Local Etsy on the Left!

Some call me "bookish". I'll take that as a compliment. I'm currently reading Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger (author of The Time Traveler's Wife). This week's Etsy is on the left. I'm "titling" this collection "Sexy Librarian". This week's Etsy feature is my favorite North Carolina soap maker, The English Major (of course). Each of her soaps is inspired by a book, like "Wuthering Heights, below. Other selections include "Old Mandarin and the Sea" and "The Sud Also Rises". Be sure to read her clever descriptions too. Click the pic to go to her Etsy shop. 

As always, thank you for supporting local artisans. If you buy an Etsy item inspired by my post, please let me know and be sure to tell them you saw it on SouthernAsBiscuits blog!

Wuthering Heights -- handmade soap by the English Major
Escape to the English moor, where the emotions are tempestuous and the servants incomprehensible... a simpler time, when racism is a-okay and baby name books are yet to come. 

In love with your adopted brother? This flowery soap is for you! Redolent of storm-drenched heather and nigh-on incestuous hyacinth--a delicate floral fragrance reminiscent of wildflowers after a spring rain.

Gift for: your cousin/wife or lover/adopted sister. (Or, for that matter, anybody named Catherine. Which is everybody.)

Tea set not included. Heathcliff broke it. It was making Linton happy, or something.

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