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Monday, March 7, 2011

Great Time at Great Wolf Lodge

Just got back from some much needed girlfriend/mommy time
at Great Wolf Lodge. I am completely grateful and exhausted. 
The kids swam until they were wiped out.
I'm going to go pass out now.
So much to do here. So kid friendly. And so... wet! Pizza, ice cream fudge, doughnuts, restaurant, bar, kid spa, adult spa, bedtime story narrated by strange animated trees and animals. At the water park, 6 types of water slides, wave pool, enormous water-dumping bucket. My boy was enamored by the basketball pool, although my arms are trembling from lifting him up so many times to reach the basket. My girl flew through the treacherous lily pad walk over and over. The kiddie pool alone was amazing, but as awesome as it was (stationery squirting wave runners, mini water slides, mushroom fountains), I couldn't shake the feeling that I was ankle deep in warm urine. 

Note: There is not as much privacy in the "Kid Cabin" rooms as you might think. Although the kids are in a separate cabin-like room, there is a doorway, but no door, two "windows" that are open and an opening all the way across, so they can still hear talk or the television in the main room and see the light. If such privacy is desired, you may want to upgrade to one of the rooms with a separate master bedroom. 


  1. We are going for B's birthday next month and I am so excited! Except about the warm urine part...

  2. Oh, you guys are gonna have so much fun! Happy Birthday B!

  3. Helllooo! You were two feet from my door! (okay, not really...but very close!)

    HOpe you had a great time. Love the pics on your blog, my friend. You are fab!

  4. Thanks! I know. I thought of you often, but the kids would NOT have left and afterwards we were all wiped out! They slept all the way home.

  5. We've been talking about going, just haven't gotten around to it. Glad you all had fun.