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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dog Lovers to a/perture tonight!

BOOKMARKS is joining forces with a/perture cinemas for a Dog Lover's event tonight! The event will begin with a screening of My Dog Tulip at 8:00 pm and will conclude with a discussion with Pulitzer Prize winner John Woestendiek, who is the author of Dogs, Inc.

My Dog Tulip:

“My Dog Tulip” features the voices of Christopher Plummer as Ackerley, the writer and longtime BBC radio host; Lynn Redgrave, who died in May, as his nettlesome sister; and Isabella Rossellini as a kindly veterinarian. As it happens, nearly everyone involved is a dog lover: the Fierlingers have Gracie, a mix of shepherd and corgi, and Oscar (whose electronically adjusted voice was used when an aggressive bark was called for).

The heart of “My Dog Tulip” is Mr. Ackerley’s story of his late-middle-age relationship with an Alsatian named Tulip. Bittersweet, heartfelt and rendered in an eccentric, expressive style, the movie seems poised to draw dog-loving moviegoers like beagles to bacon.

John Woestendiek: Author of Dog, Inc.: The Uncanny Inside Story of Cloning Man’s Best Friend ( and two blogs for dog lovers: and

It all began with a pit bull named Booger. Former beauty queen Bernann McKinney was so distraught over the death of her dog, whom she regarded as her guardian and savior, that she paid $50,000 to RNL Bio for the chance to bring her beloved companion back to life. The result was five new Boogers—the first successful commercial cloning of a canine—delivered in 2008, along with a slew of compelling questions about the boundaries of science, commerce, and ethics.

We will be also be featuring The Forsyth Humane Society who is celebrating their 70th Anniversary in Winston Salem!

Tickets ($10) Available:

Please direct questions to:

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