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Friday, March 18, 2011

Coupon for SouthernAsBiscuits Blog Readers!

Kindle 3 Sleeve - Case - Holder - Only ONE in stock - Japan Blossoms - FREE SHIPPING

As I am featuring local Etsy items from, about or benefitting Japan, I am excited to offer my readers a little som'n som'n. The talented and crafty folks at Winston-Salem based Laa766 Etsy are offering a 5% off coupon for my SouthernAsBiscuits readers! They have a great selection of sleeves for kindles and iPads, as well as coupon organizers and key fobs. Click the photo to visit their Etsy shop and enter coupon code: SOUTHERNASBISCUITS at checkout!

Thank you for supporting local artisans and Japan relief efforts!


  1. That's a great pattern in the photo!

  2. I agree Jessica! I think she has some with kittehs on 'em too!