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Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Big Gender "Reveal" Party

It's a GIRL!!!!!!!
It seems to be a new trend in the path to parenthood. My sister announced the sex of her coming baby in the most wonderful way. She had a Gender Reveal Party this weekend. The concept is simple: the mom-to-be has an ultrasound to determine the sex of the baby, but has the doctor write the sex down and seal it in an envelope. The mom-to-be takes the envelope to a baker, and the baker bakes a cake with the actual cake (or in this case, the inner frosting) inside blue or pink, while the frosting is white or some other color. The couple invites their friends and just like cutting the wedding cake, hand in hand, the couple cuts the cake to reveal to themselves and their loved ones the sex of the coming baby. 

In my sister's case- It's a GIRL!!!!! And we are all so very excited for our little blessing to get here! I'll finally be an Auntie! I'm going to start shopping for noisy toys today!

In keeping with the birthday tradition of "buttering the birthday nose", or in our case, frosting the nose, my sis got a big slathering of pink frosting on her nose. The idea is that the butter, or frosting will help you "slide" through your next year without difficulty. A baby definitely calls for extra frosting on the honker!

Other gender party ideas include offering cupcakes instead of cake, each filled with the appropriately tinted cream filling, with all guests biting into their cupcakes at the same time after a countdown. For drinks, serve blue Jones soda and pink lemonade Jones soda. If you've got the time, replace their label with your own. Pink and blue balloons and streamers could fill the room. Each table could have a dish with pink and blue M&M's or pink and blue wrapped Hershey's kisses, or these could be bundled as party favors for guests to take away. The couple and guests could dress in pink or blue, according to their hope or guess for the baby's gender.

This is a brilliant idea, and certainly reason to celebrate. It could mean a whole 

new aisle at Party City!

The Sweet Tooth Fairy Bakery


  1. Nice. Real nice. Just one more reason to add calories to my day. I need to go run. Hee Hee!

  2. VERY COOL! And congratulations to your family! I'm sorry I haven't been here much lately. I've been away from the computer for most of the week. I'm catching up, though. I soooo enjoy your blog!

  3. Susan- I need to run too!
    Donna- Thanks! No problem. Love yours too!