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Monday, February 7, 2011

Thank you Burke Street Pizza!

After the Christmas parade
I very rarely win things. But I can now say that has changed. I won a $100 Super Bowl Party from Burke Street Pizza! I am literally and facebook-ly a fan of Burke Street Pizza, our neighborhood pizza joint. It is a Monday night tradition for us and our after-the-Christmas-parade tradition.

We were thrilled to share the pizza bounty with our awesome neighbors, who like us, had no plans. We treated them to chicken pesto pizza (my favorite, so I treated myself), supreme and cheese for the kids, hot wings and fried ravioli! 

How did I win this awesome prize? I entered Burke Street Pizza's facebook contest for "Most creative reason why you deserve to win a Burke Street Pizza Super Bowl Party." I decided to go with the truth. That's always best, yes? I told them how I shamed myself so badly at the last Super Bowl party I hosted that I haven't been able to host another one since. 

was February 3, 2008, NY Giants vs. New England Patriots. I was standing at the food table chatting with a friend when my husband came over to load his plate up again. 

I'm a touchy person. I come from a whole family of huggers, patters, back rubbers and back scratchers. I put my arm around him and then started rubbing his lower back, while I continued chatting with my friend across the table. I then turned to my husband and said, "Boy, your lower back sure is t---" I stopped short. Then I screamed and bent over throwing my head to my knees while I covered my scream with my hands. It was NOT my husband on which I was performing a deep tissue lower back massage. It was not even anyone I
knew or had ever seen before. I was kneading a complete STRANGER! I was so shocked and embarrassed it took me a few moments to recover. 

"I am so sorry!" I shouted. 

"Don't be," this guy, who is the same height, has the same hair color and shirt color of my husband, said. "That's quite a welcome. That's what I call hospitality." He was enjoying this. Turns out, he was the guest of a guest. "I'm Mark by the way." When he left, he said, "I'll definitely be back next year. I can't wait to see how you top that welcome." And I haven't had a Super Bowl party since. I said that Burke Street Pizza Super Bowl Party would redeem me and give me the nerve to have folks I KNOW over again. 

this summer

So that is the story that was worth $100 worth of pizza and other Burke Street Pizza goodness! Thank you thank you Burke Street! I was indeed redeemed and the neighborhood loves you even more for it!

Burke Street Pizza


  1. Is it wrong of me to be laughing so hard at your expense? I have NOT heard it before. If you dno't share it at the next meeting, well, I'll just direct everyone to your blog so they can read it here.

    You know I love you!

  2. Not wrong at all! I laugh about it myself (now). I'd be happy to share it at the next meeting... and I'll probably rub your back while I tell it!

  3. HAH! Sounds yummy. My back has a knot that needs some attention, so I'll hold you to it. :)