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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Product Launch for Eat.Think.Smile

A friend sent me an invitation to an event for Eat.Think.Smile. (a subsidiary of Hershey) that is launching a natural cocoa-based snack line. "The new snack line is made up of Baked Nutrition Bars, Chewy Granola Bars, Granola Clusters and Crispy Thins, which include wholesome ingredients like whole grain oats, fruits and nuts, and a proprietary blend of natural cocoa that deliver more antioxidant power than a cup of green tea in every serving without compromising an ounce on taste." 

Confession: This was my first such event, and I admit I was drawn by their bait of free chocolatey snacks, wine and a goodie bag. I wrestled with the ethics of blogging for a product, but I feel that as long as my review is honest (which they did specifically ask for in their guidelines, so kudos to them for that), then it's fine. 

I enjoyed meeting and chatting with fellow local bloggers, as well as dietitians and fitness professionals from the area. The event was small, intimate and well done. After hearing from Dr. Amy Preston, PhD, RD about the health benefits (high antioxidants!) of natural, un-dutched cocoa, we sampled all of their product line, including granola bars, baked cookie-like bars, granola clusters and crisps. As someone who is keen on natural medicines, I liked Dr. Preston's comment that "We are starting to see some of ancient remedies pan-out in modern medicine," referring particularly to cocoa and green tea.  There was an active question and answer session and they sought out suggestions. I felt that they really listened to us and were very interested in what we had to say about the product.
I thought the packaging is well done. The baked bars were not my favorite, as I find baked nutritional bars to be somewhat dry and bland. For a more kid-friendly approach, I'd like to see the granola clusters packaged with yogurt, like the "Yo Crunch".  They would also be great in cereal. It would be great if they had some gluten-free offerings. My favorite, and probably the two items from the line I would actually purchase was their Sweet Cinnamon Crispy Thins with Savory Sea Salt Crispy Thins following close behind for its original flavor. The crisps boast ingredients of whole brown rice, whole grain oats, sesame seeds and of course the cocoa, and the glorious absence of the near omnipresent high fructose corn syrup. For those of you who count Weight Watchers points, the crisps are 3 points, however, you get a substantial portion for those points - a whopping 46 (although small) crisps. 
The Eat.Think.Smile line is currently sold at Lowes Foods.

Lowes Foods

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  1. OOOOh... sounds deee-lish! Sounds like it was a fun experience. I think honest reviews are the best. If I read blogs and they love, love, LOVE every single thing they try, I'm a little wary of their reviews.

    I haven't been to a Lowe's food in years, but I'll definitely look for some Eat. Think. Smile. when I do go!