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Thursday, February 10, 2011

No such thing as a free lunch, but how about FREE COOKIES?

Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice-
That's what Moravian cookies are made of!

I have always been a Dewey's Bakery devotee. I celebrated my (first) 30th birthday with their classic pink lemonade cake -- It was a Miami Vice themed party (am I showing my age here?). Whenever I visit out-of-town friends and family, I take along a selection of their scrumptious Moravian cookies. We plan to adopt my friend's tradition of eating Dewey's sugar cake on Christmas morning in their pj's around the tree.

I am THRILLED to be hosting my first blog giveaway of this Winston-Salem, North Carolina baked goodness. Three winners will receive a tube of their Chocolate Dipped Ginger Spice Moravian Cookies from their new Signature Collection . Each participant will receive a separate contest entry for any of the following: 

(1) Become a "follower" of AND/OR
(2) Share this contest on your blog (if you have one) AND/OR
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(4) Tweet this post

Please leave a comment below telling me in which of the above ways you shared and I will tally your entries. 

The deadline is Friday, February 18 at midnight. I will tally your entries and draw the winners and post within the following two days. If the winner(s) live in Winston-Salem, they can pick up their cookies at a local store. If the winner(s) live outside of the Winston-Salem area, the tube of cookies will be shipped to you. Good luck!
Salem Baking Co. is the name of Dewey's Bakery national baking company and they deliver world-wide. Salem Baking Co. began as a retail bakery in Winston-Salem, NC operating continuously since 1930 as Dewey's Bakery. In 1992, they created Salem Baking Company to focus on traditional baked products for national distribution. Named after the Moravian settlement of Salem located in our community, which was established in 1766, and was the source of the recipe for their first product- Moravian Cookies.
ABOUT MORAVIAN COOKIES (from Salem Baking website):
The origin of Moravian cookies is intertwined with the romance and intrigue of the great era of exploration and discovery, by names like Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus. The ancient kingdom of Moravia, located in what is now the Czech Republic, was home to rolling hills dotted with castles and an ancient port nestled in the convergence of magnificent rivers. From this legendary port, ships would sail to the far reaches of the world in search of adventure and wealth. As they returned home, they brought both factual and mythical tales of their explorations and the wonders they had witnessed.
As captains unloaded their rich bounties from these long voyages, exotic combinations of newly discovered, highly coveted ingredients were unveiled. Allspice from the Caribbean, ginger from the Far East, cloves from the Malacca Islands, cinnamon from Ceylon, bourbon bean vanilla from Madagascar, and barrels of sugar cane from the West Indies became all the rage.
During these long voyages, sweet amber syrup would flow from the sugar cane and settle in the bottom of the wooden barrels. This substance was discarded as waste until the incredible piquant flavor of the molasses was discovered. It then became one of the most valued and sought after ingredients. Early attempts at blending these treasured flavors into thick, traditional-sized cookies were unsuccessful, as they were too hard to bite. Diligence and persistence prevailed, however, and eventually it was learned that rolling the dough paper-thin and baking slowly created a cookie with a pleasant, crisp texture that captured the intense flavors of the exotic spices they loved.
Through the ages, this thin cookie became legendary. Due to the expense and rarity of the ingredients, along with the incredible skill and time involved in rolling the dough to almost translucent thinness, they were only baked for special occasions and holidays.
Over 200 years ago, the people of Moravia who sought religious freedom and a better life in the New World made the long journey to the colonies of North America. They settled in North Carolina in 1766 and brought their recipe for these cookies, that now bears their name. Since 1930, our bakery has rekindled the tradition of this centuries-old recipe.


  1. I'm IN! I've posted it to my blog AND I'm gonna tweet it. I might be able to persuade my hubster to share it on FB. YUMMMIES!

  2. Hey there Kristi - what a wonderful giveaway! I know its tough trying to start a blog, but hand in there. If you're like me, once you've begun having this outlet for your writing, it's pretty impossible to imagine not blogging. ;D

    I love your blog name.

  3. count me in! i just added your blog on my FB. also i need help with one of your Valentine craft ideas.
    Jenny Ryan

  4. Thanks Donna, Shyla & Jenny! Good luck!

  5. Always happy to help... Posted on my blog and blogroll:

    and shared on Facebook... Good luck!

  6. Hey Sis, the cookie giveaway is a great idea! Can family members win?? I posted it on my FB. I'm so proud of you! XOXO!

    Love you bunches!!!!

  7. KB- yep, as long as you're not in my household, you can win! Thanks for sharing on your FB wall! Good luck!

  8. Hi Kristi,
    I shared to my facebook. I love reading your blog. Makes me smile :) Thanks!
    Missy Whitaker