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Monday, February 28, 2011

Local Writer/Producer Seeks Funding for Dance Production: The Caterpillar's Wings

A friend sent this request to me. This is a sweet children's story by Winston-Salem playwright/writer/producer, Ross Mihalko. He is seeking funding for transforming his children's book, The Caterpillar's Wings: A Dream of Light, into a dance production. Sponsorships begin at $1 and the video clip above is cute (wait for it - the ending is pretty funny). 

Link to KickStarter site HERE. (I donated. I wouldn't ask you to do anything I wouldn't do.) Thanks for supporting local writers/directors/choreographers/dancers with this project.


  1. He's funny. :) I tweeted the info and a link to this post!

    BTW - thank you for the cookies! They arrived Saturday. SWEET!

  2. Hey Kristi-

    Thank you so much for the donation to our dance project! And thank you for spreading the word. The more the merrier! We're on our way!

    Thanks again,

    Ross Mihalko

  3. Ross,

    You are welcome! Good luck on your project! I look forward to seeing it.