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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I caught a travelling book!

The sail I unfurled that day, Charleston Harbor
I have never caught the flu and so far this year, haven't caught any of those nasty viruses going around. I did however, catch a travelling book! Now this is a contagion I can grab hold of! 

It was nearly a year ago, while I was visiting Charleston, SC, for my sister's bachelorette weekend. I was perusing the Market at Marion Square with the girls, when I found a book in the crotch of a dogwood tree. With no owner nearby, I tucked it in my bag and planned to read it later. (Looking through my pictures from that weekend makes me want to go back, asap.)

I had a large stack of books to read before I got to this one, The Thanatos Syndrome, by Walker Percy. Last week, I opened the book to find a sticker inside the cover. It read:

You've caught a travelling book! Enter the BCID below at to see where it's been and follow where it goes after you READ & RELEASE! 

The book was apparently on its first release, as it has only been in Charleston, SC, but found its way to Winston-Salem, NC via me! I found this an exciting added feature to finding a free book. According to Wikipedia: 

BookCrossing (also: BC, BCing or BXing) is defined as "the practice of leaving a book in a public place to be picked up and read by others, who then do likewise." The term is derived from, a free online book club which began in order to encourage the practice, aiming to "make the whole world a library."

The 'crossing' or exchanging of books may take any of a number of forms, including wild releasing books in public, direct swaps with other members of the websites, or "book rings" in which books travel in a set order to participants who want to read a certain book. The community aspect of has grown and expanded in ways that were not expected at the outset, in the form of blog or forum discussions, mailing lists and annual conventions throughout the world.

I just finished it and plan to write a review shortly. In the meantime, it's a psychological thriller, a phil
osophical novel, based in Louisiana. My favorite quote in the book is the elderly uncle saying, 
"Some folks get their nose in a book and they think they stuff on a stick."
Cover synopsis: 
When Dr. Tom More is released on parole from state prison, he returns to Feliciana, Louisiana, the parish where he was born and bred, where he practiced psychiatry before his arrest. He immediately notices something strange in almost everyone around him: unusual sexual behavior in women patients, a bizarre loss of inhibition, his own wife's extraordinary success at bridge tournaments, during which her mind seems to function like a computer. 
With the ingenious help of his attractive cousin, Dr. Lucy Lipscomb, Dr. More begins to uncover a criminal experiment to "improve" people's behavior by drugging the area's water supply. But beyond this grand scheme are activities so sinister that even Tom More wouldn't believe them if he hadn't witnessed them with his own eyes....
Have you ever caught a travelling book? Would you like to? If you'd like to read it, I'll send it to you if you agree to check in with and report how you received it and where you left it. (first come, first served). If you join BookCrossing because of this post, please include me as your "referring member" - JivetalkK (note the extra "k") Thanks!



  1. Okay, this is the coolest thing since, well, the last coolest thing you told me. YOu are full of coolness, my friend.

    I HAVE to share this with my writing buds. What a great way to get your book out there AND bless other people!

  2. It IS cool! So glad you are going to share it with your writer friends. I hope I catch one!

  3. I used to do bookcrossing, five or so years back. I was just wondering if they were still active, glad to see this. (Heather, from the commercial, btw)

  4. Heather-Nice meeting and chatting with you. Do you want this book? I might print out some BookCrossing labels from their site and leave some books around town. Just like a Book Fairy!