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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Harmony Helps!

Krankies Coffee Presents
Winter 2010 Compilation

CD's are $10- Proceeds benefit Arts for Life,
a Brenner's Children's Hospital Charity

Although the compilation is winter themed, you won't find any cheesy Christmas songs on here. In fact, only two songs are distinctly about the Christmas, while the rest are great songs for any time of the year. I especially want to give a shout out to my friends of the post-punk band Jews & Catholics with their "Sharkitect"! And "Trapper Keeper" by Sugar High Gang brought back memories for me. Sadly, the Sugar High Gang is now defunct, however, my friend and lead singer Shanthony Exum, a.k.a "Miss Eaves", has just released her single "Pretty in Pink". AND my awesome friend & blogger bud, Becca sings backup on "Rosetta" with Austin Pfeiffer.

The Krankies Coffee Winter Compilation 2010 is "A testament to the wealth of true musical talent in this city of Winston-Salem, the compilation is a sampling of 18 different musical acts residing in and around the Twin City, coming in at a full hour of music. 

Half of all album sales will be donated to the Winston-Salem chapter of Arts For Life, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing music and art education to children with serious illnesses during their time at at Brenner Children’s Hospital.

Only 100 copies left!
Buy yours at:
Krankies Coffee
211 East Third Street, Winston-Salem, NC
Krankies Airstream
1208 Reynolda Rd.,Winston SalemNC 
3254 Silas Creek Pkwy, Winston-Salem, NC

Here is the track list for the compilation. The compilation is an amazing testament to the array of local talent there is in Winston-Salem. On the record you’ll hear everything from surf rock, psychedelic blues, farmland folk, electro-pop and most things in between.
  1. Christmas Valentine – Red Velvet
  2. Seasick – Ghost Beach
  3. Sharkitecht – Jews and Catholics
  4. Trapper Keeper – Sugar High Gang
  5. Hustle World – Love Craft
  6. Inside – Aaron Bachelder
  7. Expect The Best – Terrance and the Tall Boys
  8. Moon – Golden Dawn
  9. Gravity – Distrails
  10. Rosetta – Austin Pfeiffer
  11. Nobody’s Blues – Philip Pledger + Chris Ankelein
  12. Swells – Honey Rider
  13. Porch Dope – Bolmongani
  14. Take Me Home – Jonathan Kirby
  15. Independent Turkey – Cakes of Light
  16. Castles – Night Worker
  17. Santa In A Cowboy Hat – Caleb Caudle & The Bayonets
  18. Night Time – Satin Bloom
"Pretty in Pink" by Miss Eaves
Traveling with Mercy blog by Becca


  1. hi friend!
    i forgot to answer your question... i'm on #10 with Austin... the song is called Rosetta and I sing whatever harmonies you hear. it was fun!

  2. Ooooh! That's one of my favorites on the CD! Great job!