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Monday, January 31, 2011

A Tiny Trend?

Yesterday's post was about the Winter Miniatures Exhibit. Today, I noticed a poster for "Cinema Pub: Winter Shorts". Is this a trend in the tiny?

The Community Arts Café

a series of short films
produced by students from the
UNCSA School of Filmmaking
Opening Reception
Thursday, February 3rd 6:30 PM
February 17th & March 3rd
411 West Fourth Street

The films screened at the opening reception will feature Danny McBride’s student film, EDDIE NOBLE AND THE HEROES and LIFE AND TIMES OF A DOUGHNUT, a Krispy Kreme documentary (mmmmmm glazed goodness). 
Tickets are $12 for opening night, February 3rd and $10 for the screenings on February 17th & March 3rd. $5 for students age 22 and under at all screenings. Ticket price for opening night includes 1 complimentary Claro beer from our sponsor, Banks Channel USA, complimentary hors O'dourves and 1/2 price house wine.

The Winter Shorts of film are NOT to be confused with the confusing "winter shorts" of fashion. E! and Elle told me they were a "must have" for my winter wardrobe, but I seem to be managing just fine without them this flu season. Sometimes not being a slave to fashion is to my advantage.

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  1. As a member of the ASU community, I must applaud winter shorts...but only if they are accompanied by a sweater or sweatshirt. That's just how we roll. :)