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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Support a Local Organic Farm

My great-grandparents owned and operated Sykes Dairy, a dairy farm in my home town of Mount Airy, NC. I remember feeding the calves with the gigantic bottles and letting them suck my hand until they could get a bottle. They had no teeth, but boy, did they have some serious suction going on! One almost swallowed my little sister's arm once. At least that's how I remember it.

Join me in supporting the Reedy Fork Farm (click to learn more about the family and their farm), a fifth generation Teague family dairy farm in Elon, NC, that became organic in 2007. With the complete lack of certified organic feed in the state of North Carolina, The Teague's began growing their own and supplying the other organic dairy farms in the state. You can place your vote for them (the only farm listed from the South) to win up to a $10,000 grant from Stonyfield to help their farm become even more sustainable. Of course, there is no wrong vote when organic is the issue. Just VOTE! As a bonus, you'll get coupons for Stonyfield products.


  1. I voted. I hope they win! have you checked out Appalachian Feet? A great "green" site!


    That's the URL I forgot to post. SOrry!

  3. Thanks for voting! And thanks for the link! I'm gonna recruit some help for my garden this year.