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Monday, January 24, 2011

My Not-So-Secret Garden

This Myer Lemon tree reminds me that I must get one of my very own. 
It's happy yellow, yummy & fights scurvy. What's not to like?

Reynolda Gardens Greenhouse

In anticipation of the possible wintry mix coming our way tomorrow, I thought I'd get the little ones outside a bit today, but you know, it's still cold out there. So, to warm our bones, we visited Reynolda Gardens today, particularly, the greenhouse. It was steamy, misty, warm and bursting with tropical color.  I felt I had been transported to a summer island (well, nearly). After a while, I had to pull my damp hair up into my classic mom-ponytail. The heat deluded me so that I was shocked when we stepped outside and had to quickly pull our coats and mittens back on for the walk to the icy waterfall. By the way, the orchids were, in fact, blooming and I was, in fact, swooning.

Of course, all my boy was interested in was Millie Tillie, the one-eared cat.



  1. One of our favorite spots as well! Before we found out her real name, Riley called her "The Gardener Cat".

  2. Sweet! Hope to squeeze that baby soon!

  3. AWWW! What a precious pic!!