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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Movie Review: Life As We Know It

Somehow, my blog is listed on a movie review site, shockingly, even topping a list of blogging movie fanatics. Someone was mistaken, as I have two small children and a small (nonexistent) babysitting budget. However, I still feel some pressure to perform and am obliged to give a movie review for those who were mistakenly informed and stumbled upon my site.

Although I'm sure it is not what you movie review hounds are drooling for, one of the few movies I have seen of late include a trip to the $2.50 theater for some good popcorn, good people-watching and a guilt-free viewing of Life As We Know It, starring Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel. (View trailer).

Spoiler Alert: Do not read further if you do not want to know what happens in this movie. (I can't believe I have to post that, but there it is, just like "This coffee may be hot" on a McD's coffee cup.) I am not usually one for chick flicks, but I could stare at Katherine Heigl all day. Josh Duhamel, on the other hand, is way too fake-tanned for me, and sure, he's a good-looking guy, but they play up his looks so much in this movie and most of his other films, that I walk away disagreeing, shrugging and saying, "ehh".

This movie was a little more interesting than the usual romantic comedy formula, and gets points for that. Set in Atlanta, Georgia with Phoenix, Arizona making a brief cameo appearance, the basic plot is that these two are best friends with a couple who set them up on a blind date that goes so badly, they don't even make it out of the driveway. Years and many party and wedding encounters later, the couple who set them up die in a car accident and leave the two of them as guardians of their baby girl. So these two radically different personalities are thrown together to raise a baby -- hard enough to do when it's your own baby and you like each other. Of course, in the end, after a false start and separation, they learn to appreciate their differences and get together.

A line early on in the movie stuck with me. As their blind date quickly fell apart and they decided not to go, the conversation goes something like this (NOT a direct quote):
Holly: What am I supposed to do now?
Messer: I don't know. You look like a reader. I'm sure you could read. I bet you even have a blog, don't you?
Grrrr. That stung a little bit, as I am a reader and a blogger myself, but then I remember that his character is a rude womanizer who didn't like her type.

Otherwise, it is notable that the baby in the movie, "Sophie" is played by triplets. And the Melissa McCarthy (you might remember her as "Sookie" from Gilmore Girls <3 <3) gave a hilarious performance as a firey Southern red-headed hands-off mama and I would have loved to have seen more of her character.

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  1. That blogger quote does sting a I know there are a bazillion of us out there. HOWEVER - if you do care about what you are reading, writing and blogging, it doesn't matter what the male chauvinist (did I spell that right?) of the world think.

    They can keep watching their football, picking their noses and swinging their caveman lingo in hopes of hitting someone who cares.

    (did I actually type that last paragraph? I meant for it to be a thought bubble. Sorry) :)