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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Feelin' Groovy

Note: If you watch this video, wait for it, and you'll see a cameo by the Smothers Brothers at the end. My daughter attends an arts-based elementary school, which we love. Every first Friday of the month, they have a "First Friday Sing", to which parents and siblings are invited. Yesterday was their first Friday sing of the year. The fourth graders dressed as pirates and entertained us all with "What Shall We Do with a Drunken Sailor", (what fourth-grade education is complete without some drinking songs?), followed by two versions with their own lyrics, written for each fourth grade teacher, entitled, "What Shall We Do with a Crazy Teacher" and detailing specific ways to drive their blessed teacher nuts.

So much has been made clear after hearing this version of the song, as my daughter has been meandering around the house singing about her "crazy teachers" for weeks. I urged her not to sing this at school, not realizing her teachers taught it to her!

After our pirate serenade, four of the teachers whipped out their guitars and we all sang a snappy rendition of "500 Miles Away from Home" and ended with "59th Street Bridge Song" aka, "Feelin' Groovy". "Squee!" I'll tell you a little secret. I have deeply loved Simon & Garfunkel since a teenager. While others were drooling over '80's hair bands, the likes of Guns 'n Roses and White Snake, I was swooning to the tune of "Homeward Bound".  I am soooo thrilled that my daughter is getting such a well-rounded education in the classics such as my boys S&G. :)

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